StakeCube, a masternode and staking service has been hacked and about 13 BTC has been stolen. This is definitely bad news for SCC holders, the team, investors, and pool users.

Oleg who is a developer on the project spoke to the community on what has and is being done since they noticed the breach. Upon noticing that their systems had been breached, the team immediately locked down their server. Sadly, the hacker(s) had already succeeded in carting away with funds worth almost 13 BTC in value. The affected wallets included SCC, BITG, BWS, BND, CCC, CFL, DASH, KYD, DEV, LGS, LPC, NAV, PHON, PIVX, ZEST, and PRJ. Generally, coins not locked up in masternodes were stolen.

Oleg noted that at the current state of the project, there is every likelihood that StakeCube shuts down. However, on the positive side, they will try to recover and return the stolen funds. The German law enforcement agency – Kripo, has been notified to this regard.

This setback as expected has affected the price of the crypto. Users who were not affected will have the opportunity to withdraw their funds later. In general, this just goes to sound a note of warning on why investors need to be careful.