The 2019 Masternode Awards which is being organized by Masternode.Buzz, Stakes & Nodes, Masternodes.Online, OmniAnalytics and BetweenBlocks, finally has all the voting categories out. There are 7 core voting categories and the organizers of the event are calling on members of the masternode community to nominate their favorite MN project.


Each voting category seeks to recognize the best project(s) for a specific aspect in the masternode space. The categories include:

Voting links have been attached to each category.

  • Best Masternode Support. Vote here.
  • Best Governance Experience. Vote here.
  • Most Innovative Use Case for Masternodes. Vote here.
  • Best Wallet or Application. Vote here.
  • Best Marketing Strategy. Vote here
  • Best Hosting Service. Vote here
  • Best Team. Vote here
  • Special Category: Best Masternode Community in 2018. Vote here

The listings appear to cover every aspect of performance in the masternode space, from marketing to customer support, adoption, innovation and use case, as well as functionality and ease-of-use.

With regards to nominations and selecting winners, a panel of masternode experts will be responsible for analyzing the nominations. The results from this process will reveal the winner. There will be a winner for a masternode above the $1M marketcap, and another for below $1M market cap.