Voting for the 2019 Masternode Awards ended on January 15, and the results are in for each category. For this article, we will be analyzing the results for the “Best Masternode Hosting Service”.

About 36 masternodes were voted for in the “Best Masternode Hosting Service” category. Entries included hosting services like the Gin platform, mystakingwallet, Apollon/RYON, Gentarium, Dextro, Cryptonode, 2masternodes, Midas, Linda and ionomy, amongst others.

Over 120 votes were collected for this category and some top-performing hosting services (based on the number of votes) include Gin, mystakingwallet, Apollon, 2masternode, Cryptonode, Ionomy, and Linda.

Gin platform appears to be the most favorite masternode hosting service, garnering about 31 votes from participants. One respondent commenting on the hosting service said:

The most reliable, renown, and trusted platform. It has crushed all competition so far. Even when the said competition has tried to undercut them significantly.

Another user added:

Gin stands out due to competitive pricing, payment using multiple crypto coins using coinswitch, unparalleled support, legal compliance, the team are proven entrepreneurs and Gin has an active loyal community

Cryptonode and Apollon each received 16 votes from respondents. Most users commended the agile admin and customer support of Cryptonode. A user of the service, praised them, stating that:

Excellent hosting service for Horizen nodes. Fair pricing and discounts, great customer service. Setting up a node is quick and simple. On top of that multiple crypto payment options. Basically, everything you need from a node hosting service!

Apollon on the other hand appears to be the “masternode for noobs.”

2masternodes and mystakingwallet received 9 and 8 votes, respectively.