The results for the “Best Masternode Support” category of our 2019 Masternode Awards are finally in and we have meticulously recorded every vote. This article analyzes the results.

We had a lot of masternodes in this category. Over 80 masternodes were voted for in this category, some of which include Bulwark, Rupaya, Deviant Coin, Stipend, ColossusXT, GoByte, DogeCash, Galactrum, Syscoin, Gin, ESB Project, Giant, Snode Coin, MNP Coin, 01 Coin, AceD, Galilel, Energi, Polis, Divi Project, DarkPayCoin, 3DCoin and Horizen, just to mention a few.

Close to 450 votes were received for this category and Gin, Giant, Bulwark, DarkPayCoin, and Rupaya appear to be the fan favorites.

GIN has the best masternode support based on the number of votes collated. The project emerged top on the list with 27 votes. A respondent commenting on the project’s customer support stated that:

Fast, helpful with amazing customer service. Only minutes to respond.

Users were generally impressed by the 24/7 live support, professional service and quick response from GIN’s support.

Giant is the second best on our list, garnering 25 votes.

Very regular, very transparent announcements and articles. Honestly written, in-depth and helpful to understand the project, its goals and its where the project is at any stage, said one user.

There’s a tie for our third position between Bulwark and DarkPayCoin. They both received 21 votes. Like with other top masternode supports on our list, both projects received positive feedback from their community. A respondent described Bulwark, stating that:

Support responds in a timely fashion, usually has somebody on around the clock. The team goes above and beyond to get you up and running.

Another respondent commenting about DarkPayCoin, noted that:

The team and the community are really helpful. They're doing a great job. 4 days after the fork/phase 2 90% of all masternode holders got on the right track because of their work. They reply always, all day long. Support of 24/7.

Rupaya and Apollon also topped this category with 17 and 15 votes, respectively. Talking about Rupaya, a respondent commended their response time.

Generally short response times & active project members. Had a swap recently, in which a member of the team took a lot of effort to help with some problems.

In general, customers are on the look out for fast and responsive customer support.