Time and time again, history has proven that only the most resilient and innovative businesses stand the test of time. After all, what is the use of creating a product if it won’t solve any problem? The same can be said of the masternode industry and of cryptocurrencies in general. With many masternode projects out there, one may begin to wonder which projects are really disrupting the space. With that said, the results for our 2019 Masternode Awards “Most Innovative Use Case” category are in.

The fan base of several masternode communities were fully prepared to defend their choices. In total, over 70 masternodes were voted for as having the most innovative use case. 3DCoin, Divi Project, Gentarium, TELOS COIN, Midas, Altbet, PACcoin, Wagerr, GINCoin, ION and PHORE are some of the voted masternodes.

Over 350 dynamic votes were received in this category and after carefully analyzing the results, we have our winners. XDNA, Wagerr, NIX, Giant and Beacon are the top-5 masternodes with the most innovative use cases, according to the polls.

XDNA garnered 63 votes to claim the first spot as the most innovative masternode coin. A respondent commenting about XDNA noted that:

The project has a great idea of a crypto charity fund. Other directions in the project are also interesting. The team quickly and well made a charity innovation.

Most respondents lauded XDNA’s multiple masternode system called “TNT.”

Wagerr is the second top masternode from voting. The betting cryptocurrency received a lot of praise for attempting to decentralize the betting industry.

The fact that you can place bets anywhere in the world through the wallet and it is on its way to being fully decentralized.

NIX, Giant and Beacon each had 14, 13, and 12 votes respectively.

One respondent touted NIX’s ghostnodes, stating that:

The Ghost Protocol is the very best privacy solution in crypto and NIX masternodes make it possible.

It is believed that Giant will solve the challenges of traditional binary options systems.

Giant Exchange is P2P Binary Options exchange with MN's & Smart contracts as core engine. Powered by Governance mechanism & Treasury block allocation.

As for Beacon, a respondent said:

Beacon has a wide streching case use and deep community. The project offer Bot monitoring service for staking masternode and security services, Beacon Arcade, and the Beacon incubator service to assist projects with innovative ideas but without a support team launch and realize success from the ongoing partnership.