The results for the final category of the 2020 Masternode Community Awards is out. This category highlights the project with the “Best Masternode Community”. We received entries from over 250 respondents in this category, with projects such as CROWN, DAPS, Divi, Energi, Helios, New Capital, NIX, Phore, and StakeNet making an appearance.

A quick rundown of the top entries include:

NIX was voted as the project with the best masternode community. NIX secured the first position with a total of 97 votes. A lot of respondents praised the project’s privacy.

A Twitter user @JuanDM said:

It is a currency that is being well known, its discord community is very active… Its privacy is one of the strongest points.

Another user @stormbigx added:

Privacy for NIX is one of the most important aspects; they have implemented their own protocol calling it Phantom Protocol which makes the use of this cryptocurrency more accessible and easy.

NIX is a next-gen privacy digital asset and multi-layered interoperable platform that focuses on privacy – privacy-centric dApps, privacy swaps, and smart contracts.

Divi was the first runner-up, securing the second place with 88 votes. Most respondents agreed that Divi had a very active and enthusiastic community. Interestingly, Divi is trying to simplify the process of investing in digital assets and focuses on making it accessible to the most basic users.

A Twitter user @troubledninja said:

From the Senior Team, who always engage, to the incredible volunteers, the Divi Community is welcoming, knowledgeable and generous. Whatever your crypto level you will be helped and engaged 24/7 - and just by following the chats you learn something every day.

DAPS was also voted as having one of the best masternode communities. 33 votes were enough to secure the 3rdplace and respondents touted the project’s leadership, development team, and active community.

One respondent, @lisaham said:

Daps has the most amazing community. [There is] always someone online to help with queries in a patient and friendly manner. I hope the Daps team succeeds in bringing Daps to the masses as they deserve to see the fruits of their labor.

Other projects that were voted as having the best masternode communities include Helios and Crown.