3DCoin is the coin of project Districts, a decentralized VR ecosystem that aims to revolutionized the virtual reality space. Users can create content and applications in the ecosystem, using it for either personal, public, or commercial purposes. In simpler terms, Districts can be thought of as a real-world in virtual reality.

District is working towards growing its community and real-life use cases across several industries; from retail to education, healthcare, and gaming, amongst others. A user can start a business, design a virtual game, or even host a live concert and charge users virtually.

According to their website,

3DCoin is “an innovative blockchain based cryptocurrency operated on a peer to peer network, featuring universally instantaneous transactions, an eco-friendly mining system, and an advanced scripting that allows automated business management.

Their whitepaper states that,

3DCoin is an innovative cryptocurrency that relies on a consensus protocol to form a multilayered architecture. The network utilizes simple scripts to program transactions that in turn deploy contracts triggered by say, a timestamp or an external public API.

The 3DCoin network has 3 categories of nodes: Masternodes, Primenodes, and Pulsenodes. Masternodes are saddled with the responsibility of verifying 3DCoin transactions, while Primenodes manage DApps on the network. Pulsenodes on the other hand validate District object tokens.

As at the time of writing this article, 3DCoin had 3,250 hosted masternodes on the network. The collateral for running a masternode is 1000 3DC, and as at press time the estimated annual ROI is 184%.