This months interview is with Zine Rezig, CEO and founder of Project Districts. He has been an active researcher in the cryptocurrency development to solve the most complicated blockchain’s scalability problems, and presents most of his research in the 3DCoin project.

It’s been a little over 1 year since the launch of 3DCoin. What can you say has been the highs and lows of the project? What has changed in the last 16 months?

The 3DCoin ecosystem is meant to be the all in one answer to the modern cyber life challenges, be it in finance, education, entrepreneurship, or even entertainment. To accomplish such a feat, the development of the project is set on two distinct phases. First, the creation of a high speed and scalability blockchain, powered by the proof of sync protocol that brings instantaneous validation with masternodes as a core element, and in this, we are proud to say that we already have 3500 active masternodes, with the 3000 cap reached even before any exchange listing demonstrating the great community support that we have.

For now, 3DCoin is listed on the European P2PB2B and more are soon to come after the next update. In 2018 health problems that struck a key team member decelerated the progress for a moment but thing are in full throttle today, consequently, we are in the last phase of the blockchains development.

Irrespective of how we look at it, market prices are an essential part of any project’s growth. Several blockchain projects have had to shut down as a result of the prolonged bear market. What’s the effect of market prices of the growth of 3DCoin? Is the growth of this project largely dependent on the billion-dollar VR market?

The analysis of the crypto market shows that the global market cap has little impact on the global trade volume, depicting the solid and definitive adoption of cryptocurrencies, and a definite bright future, this applies to 3DCoin by nature. Moreover, project creation in the Districts 3DVR world requires space acquisition as they are projected through 3D structures, a space acquired by 3DCoins, which is also the inworld currency.

Knowing that our ecosystem will be extremely attractive to a multitude of entrepreneurs and users due to its unique features and the largeness of the possibilities that it offers (you could even find a showroom of your favorite car constructor), we can expect a powerful value drive by its usage in the Districts, beside the day trading.

There are no clear-cut details on your roadmap for 2019. What should investors be expecting from 3DCoin in 2019? What specific milestones is the team hoping to achieve in the coming months and by the end of the year?

2019 is the year of blooming for the Project. The finalization of the proof of sync protocol will establish the basis for the functionalities of the Decentralized applications that require instantaneity in data management. They are made possible by the upgrade of the script system to the smart script standard, which will singularly lift all limits to the creation of smart contracts, greatly expanding the spectrum of automated operations. Both DApps and smart contracts creation will have specific development tools of which the beta will be released in the Q4 of this year.

What are your plans for business development and getting more users to try out 3DCoin’s ecosystem?

Once all distinctive and unique features of the 3DCoin blockchain are released, including instant transactions, or DApp hosting, DApps that are not dependent on the 3Dworld even if they are its main content delivery elements, but can also be websites or any other service, a broad PR campaign will be launched.

Followed by permanent advertising after the release of the 3Dworld, while having members of the team representing the project at multiple crypto conferences, assuring henceforth an optimal reach to the audience. Not counting the occasional advertisements that come with each integration to additional exchanges for 3DCoin.

Lastly, a fun fact. Our first idea for the Districts 3Dworld was "Oasis", long before the filming of the brilliant "Ready player one" movie. You can imagine how this coincidence could have served the project but anyways. We are confident that the Districts city will carve its own name in history by its inherent revolutionary essence.