AdultChain, a decentralized project that targets the adult entertainment industry has been added to Cryptopia. The team behind the project confirmed through a tweet, stating that:

We’re happy to announce the listing of AdultChain $XXX! Deposits and withdrawals are now open, and trading will begin in 24 hours (4am UTC).

Following the listing, cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia also confirmed the new addition, adding that the coin will be available to trade with the following cryptos:

XXX/BTC, XXX/LTC, and XXX/DOGE. You can start depositing and withdrawing XXX immediately.

It has already been stated that AdultChain is targeted at the adult entertainment industry. The project has a rather robust platform that allows its users to post content, live-stream, and sell products, related to the industry. At the base of operations, the project aims to provide a safe and private service for both consumers and content creators, while eliminating discrimination and fees.

The network employs Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm to maintain fast and secure payment. Additionally, it uses masternodes for governance and has a zero-knowledge proof of transactions (Zerocoin) to keep payments anonymous.