Congratulations to @Airdropshill for topping the charts of our masternode portfolio challenge. Airdropshill has had the most profitable masternode investment combo in the last 2 months (Jan 1 – Mar 1) and has won a Trittium masternode in addition to 1 year of free hosting on trttNodes.


1X2 Coin, PIVX, Bettex Coin, ALQO and Proxynode are the masternodes in his portfolio that has led him to victory. His portfolio has gained approximately 45% in the stated period. Once again, congratulations.

The first and second runner ups according to our “Masternode Portfolio Challenge” page are @fhma28 and @Trittium_cc. Their portfolio gained 41% and 34%, respectively.

Investing in Beetle Coin, PAWS Coin, Zio Coin, SafeInsure and LRMcoin would have been the most profitable masternode mix between Jan 1 and March 4. Beetle Coin, for example, has gained over 680% in the last 60 days. PAWS, Zio Coin, SafeInsure and LRMcoin have increased by 500%, 430%, 274% and 227%, respectively.

Best Performing Masternode (Jan 1 to March 4).