After an agreement between ALQO and the GIN Platform, ALQO no longer chooses to pursue its masternode hosting service. As a result, all hosted masternodes from ALQO's platform can be migrated to the GIN Platform (or an alternative hosting service). According to the announcement, this was done so both platforms could focus more on their core products.

To help with the transition, GIN has offered one month of free hosting for the first 100 ALQO masternode holders that will be migrating to GIN. The GIN platform is currently hosting over 45 different masternode coins and is adding new ones on a daily basis.

According to their website, there are currently 3316 masternodes hosted on the GIN platform, generating a projected estimated revenue of about $600,000 per year. These funds won't be used for burning coins, but according to their recent AMA on Reddit, the collected GIN "will be slowly (so as to not influence the price in any significant way, be that upwards or downwards) offloaded on exchanges so we can cover infrastructure, overhead and personnel costs."