As of December 14, ALQO officially reported the commencement of its network swapping to a new interim chain with its updated wallet version 6.0 which it announced about a month ago. ALQO initiated this new interim chain with the believe that as a more stable, performant and optimized Pivx-based codebase with a secure and fast network, it will enable them to move forward without being troubled by poor performance and bad actors as it was the case of the old chain.

‌As regarding the swap, all members and ALQO holders are enjoyed to swap to the new interim chain which continues with the economics of the old chain. A minimum swap amount of 100 XLQ is accepted. And at about 12:00 UTC on March 13th 2020, the swap will end.

‌‌The ALQO team said that no matter how stable and fast the present chain seems to be, it will only serve as an interim chain as they continue to work on the Polaris codebase to develop an official chain which is expected to be launched next year.

‌‌In their earlier report regarding the swap, the team pointed out two reasons for developing an interim chain instead of waiting for the launch of the official chain.

‌‌As regards to this, the ALQO teams have reportedly parted ways with Kevin Collemer, whom they described as a controversial former lead developer. Contrary to the deal, Kevin refused to return more than 2 million XLQ in his possession and also has not relinquished control of ALQO's Github account. This behaviour prompted the teams to swap to an interim chain before finally launching Polaris in order to disrupt whatever plan he had set in place.

‌‌The team also argued that the old chain uses an older version of Pivx, hence, the interim chain will serve as a base to maintain the ALQO brand till the development of the official chain which they hope will be live next year.