Update: ALQO Team decided to make the codebase open-source shortly after the original statement.

The crypto industry thrives on news. Time and time again, the effect of either positive or negative news has been transferred to the price of a cryptocurrency. This goes to show how important the image and reputation of a cryptocurrency project is. Blockchain project, ALQO has decided to step up their game in a bid to tackle accusations coming from so-called false actors. The company in a tweet stated that:

The ALQO team would like to address frequent statements seen across social media platforms. Our social media presence will increase from here on out to battle false accusations about the project. For any questions/concerns please visit us in our Discord.

They went further to clear the air on certain pertinent issues regarding several aspects of their project. ALQO has not been immune to the crypto winter and has had to let go of the Community Management Team to save funds. This has to an extent affected the level of communication between the team and end users.

Furthermore, the team noted that they now have a stringent policy regarding individuals who are out to spread FUD. Whilst reasonable inquiries will receive the full attention of team members, FUD on their platforms will be dealt with.

Other aspects of the project such as Liberio and Bitfineon exchange are still under development. It is also worth noting that the team decided to make the new codebase open-source.

It is worth stating that this article does not in any way justify the challenges ALQO is facing. We wish them the best and hope they are able to fix the communication gap in no time.