On April 3, multiple cryptocurrency users became victims of a hack. Several investors/hodlers of GIN, Polis and SafeInsure reported that their digital assets were stolen. Masternode owners on the Polis network, for example, lost over 60,000 POLIS. Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Altbet wallet was the only common factor in all the reported theft cases, suggesting a possible security breach of the crypto wallet. This happened after the recent mandatory wallet update to version 2.0.0.

Although there are no hard facts implicating Altbet, all pointers indicate that the breach was from their wallet. The hackers immediately sold their stolen funds on CryptoBridge and CREX24. Investigations by Polis revealed that the source code on Github is different from the official build. Additionally, files were being sent from user’s servers to ABET servers.

Nothing has been said about recovering lost funds. However, Altbet is saying that the hack indeed originated from their Github, and, they have solved the hack ensuring the wallet is now stable. They have advised users to install new operating systems, create new wallet.dat files and change their passwords.

SafeInsure has advised members of their community to perform a full machine format, while some other affected cryptos have called for the boycott of Altbet.