The global gambling market has continued to grow substantially in the last few years. It is particularly noteworthy that factors such as accessibility, anonymity, convenience and interactivity have further fueled the area of online gambling. Thanks to the advancement of technology, players from all over the world can bet on games, sports and events, anywhere and at any time from the convenience of their smartphones and mobile devices. In general, the digitalization of the world is fueling the growth of online gambling markets in many regions.

Data from Statista on the “size of the online gambling market” places the current market size of the online gambling industry to be $46 billion. This value is expected to double by 2024, growing beyond $94 billion. This suggests that more industry behemoths will attempt to break into the online gambling sphere in the coming years, whilst the number of online gamblers will increase. Another stat claim that a third of all gambling in the UK now takes place online, suggesting a growing industry worth billions of pounds.

Whilst these stats may look promising, it begs for the question of “how fair is really fair.” Are online casinos truly honest? Unfortunately, some online casinos do not operate legitimately. Some exist for the sole purpose of enriching their owners and players often get to learn the hard way after making countless deposits and losing out on bets.

Altbet is combining the immutability and transparency of blockchain technology with the comfort and thrill of online gambling.

Blockchain-powered Gambling

Altbet.io is a revolutionary online mutual betting platform based on our original cryptocurrency that allows you to place bets on your favorite betting sectors with the Altbet coin (ABET) and in consequence, to rapidly multiply your crypto-wealth.

Altbet is actually the first platform to combine the mutual betting model with blockchain tech. One of the interesting features of Altbet’s system is the fact that bets are placed against other users instead of against the platform. This structure gives way for a dynamic betting multiplier which changes based on the amount of ABET coins in the pool.

The Altbet platform has been built with simplicity and transparency in mind. Betting and cashing out should be as seamless as possible. The team has removed every form of ads and annoying pop-ups from its platform.

As at press time, the platform features a plethora of games including dice, penalty kicks, coin flip, roulette, masternode lottery, slot and crash. This list is expected to expand as the project progresses.

Roadmap: Poker Texas Hold’em beta release

Although Altbet is a little over a year old, the project has recorded some significant progress – from exchange listings to the unveiling of its platform, bounty campaigns, and wallet releases, amongst others. In August, for example, the team redesigned the Altbet platform and introduced several improvements and optimizations.

One of the most anticipated milestones is the beta release of Poker Texas Hold’em on the platform in September. Texas Hold’em is the most popular of all poker variations. As a matter of fact, all marquee tournaments including those held at the World Series of Poker, the European Poker Tour and the World Poker Tour all feature Texas Hold’em.

Altbet will be unveiling the first iteration of the game in September. As always, the team will release subsequent improvements and updates based on feedback gotten from beta users. Once the game is up and running, multiple tournaments of Texas Hold’em will be promoted to keep players engaged.

Other important milestone schedules for September include a custom affiliate system coding and integration with Altbet platform, as well as the integration of a payment gateway. In October, the team is expected to secure a new exchange listing, begin the development, release and promotion of special events.

Website — https://altbet.io
Discord — https://altbet.io/go/discord
Telegram — https://altbet.io/go/telegram
Twitter — https://twitter.com/altbetofficial

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