Update: Ambrosus CEO made a statement on Reddit, but leaves questions from the community about the name-change unanswered.

Earlier today, we wrote about Ambrosus GmbH changes it's name to VeChain GmbH. Something what seemed to look like a possible acquisition. Later, Ambrosus posted a very cryptic Tweet, saying:

Let all #crypto communities join hands and bring this post to 1804 retweets. As soon as we reach it, we will post an update!

Many VeChain and Ambrosus fans interpreted this as an announcement reference to the VeChain Summit which will be held April 4th, 2019 (18-04). However in a strange turn of events, Sunny Lu, VeChain CEO, made several announcements on Twitter saying VeChain has no interest in acquiring Ambrosus GmbH:

It seems that the Ambrosus leadership is trying to go after the VeChain brand. Sunny later voiced his concerns and critics about the possible Ambrosus rebranding on Twitter:

Personally, I don’t really understand why Ambrosus did that kind of name change which basically giving up their own brands. On the bright side, I guess it means VeChain is really doing well. And even I don’t know anyone from AMB and I didn’t have any meeting or discussion or any agreement with Anyone from AMB.
I just triple confirmed with general counsel of VeChain  that we do own the trademark of VECHAIN. If you scroll down the page of the link, you can find out who is original owner and current owner - both are VeChain
I just feel bad that I wasted couple of hours to hear the feedback and wasting time to confirm and deal with. Why people don’t spend time on the right things to do - like Build a real use on VeChainThor?

Ambrosus hasn't released an official statement other than the cryptic Tweet, leaving their investors in the dark.