The APEX team have been working behind the scenes for the past two months to ensure that upcoming mainnet launch is seamless. The team has also released a progress report to keep members of the community abreast with the level of progress, as well as to give them a glimpse of what is to come.

The APEX block explorer has undergone some redesign, making it more sleek and professional. Also, the voting feature to elect block producers has been completed and integrated.

In a bid to ensure proper functionality upon launch, the APEX CLI tool has undergone major auditing. A feature to convert private keys to a different format has also been added. This is in addition to support for offline signed transactions.

One major highlight of the upcoming release will be a dynamic blockchain expansion feature which will allow selected block producers to suggest and vote on changing certain block parameters to optimize the network.

We are looking very much forward to launching our initial mainnet, marking the completion of one of the most significant milestones of any project.

In general, the team has been finding and squashing bugs for the past two months in the phase 2 of their testnet. We wish them all the best.