Apollon has announced their upcoming masternode project, RYON. RYON which stands for “Run Your Own Node” will allow Apollon users to host their own nodes.

While speaking on a YouTube video noted that the primary idea and reason behind the RYON feature is to improve the scalability of their service, while favoring a cheaper, faster and better solution in relation to what their competitors are offering.

Allowing users to host their own nodes will reduce the cost of hosting, as well as provide a swift deployment and monitoring service for nodes. Additionally, what this means is that users are now responsible for selecting their VPS providers; they can decide to opt for cheaper service providers.

Although RYON offers users the opportunity to host their nodes on a preferred VPS, the VPS in linked to node builder. This allows for easy deployment of nodes in seconds.

Apollon has noted that their current model remains open to users who may want to use their systems and VPS. However, users who want to host their nodes will need to pay a one-time fee to launch their masternodes into their VPS, in addition to a small monthly recurrent fee.

Apollon CEO said:

Using this service, you will be able to run the cheapest nodes possible in the market.