Blockchain project, Apollon has collaborated with masternode monitoring service, NodeVault. NodeVault is “a mobile based monitoring tool available on iOS and Android.” The Apollon team noted this in an official blog post.

This service is particularly useful for investors who will like to keep tabs on their masternode investments, while on the go. With this partnership, Apollon users can now track the vitals of their investment, such as the status of the masternode, whether online or offline, their daily income, as well as receive notifications for every new reward.

In order to integrate NodeVault with Apollon, users need to have the latest version of the Apollon Nodebuilder. As part of the set-up procedure, a QR code will be generated on the Nodebuilder which is to be scanned by the NodeVault app. Once this is done, the coin will automatically be added to the list of supported coins that you can monitor on the app. According to the team:

To add your nodes in NodeVault just click the menu button, top left, and select Link your Apollon Nodes — this will open the QR scanner. After set up, for each new node deployed users will receive a QR code at the end of deployment which can be used to add it into the app.