Project RYON is a new service by Apollon $XAP’s team aimed at reducing the cost of hosting masternodes. The team announced in an official tweet that RYON is live. They stated that:

RYON is now Live! 1 - One of the cheapest hosting models on the market 2 - New and updated interface 3 - Nodebuilder now accessible via the web


RYON is an acronym for “Run Your Own Nodes”. As the name suggests, the service allows customer to host their own nodes. A combination of this feature and Apollon’s existing NodeBuilder tech, makes way for lower prices with regards to running masternodes.

By allowing customers to choose their own VPS (Virtual Private Server) provider and enabling the option to run multiple nodes (i.e. stack nodes) on a single VPS, RYON significantly reduces what customers should pay for running masternodes. RYON supports all the masternodes coins available on the NodeBuilder platform.

Source Apollon

It is worth noting that RYON currently supports two VPS providers, Digital Ocean and Vultr. Aruba will be added as a third option in the coming weeks. Other VPS providers will be added to RYON with time.

With regards to pricing, the service will cost $1.29/month per masternode, once fully launched. This is in addition to a one-time setup fee of $2.99 per node. The company is currently running a 6-week promo and customers can catch-in on discounted prices. Details can be seen here.