One of the world’s largest players in the food retail industry, Auchan, has reinforced the potentials of blockchain-based solutions through a food traceability app. The app which is powered by TE-FOOD will allow consumers to track the history of their food on their mobile devices.

TE-FOOD confirmed this in an official tweet, stating that:

Finally, you can download @AUCHAN_France 's food traceability mobile app by TE_FOOD for #Android and #iOS.

The app which is currently available in France will allow consumers to view the food history of any product by simply scanning its QR code. The authenticity of a product can be verified on TE-FOOD’s blockchain, the FoodChain.


Tracking is currently available for only vegetable products. However, TE-FOOD’s team has noted that chicken products will soon the incorporated. This is in addition to plans of rolling out the solution in other countries.

Auchan currently sits on the 13th spot on the list of largest food retail businesses in the world. Although the company’s headquarters is in France, their presence extends to 17 other countries globally. The company boasts of an employee base of over 350,000 workers and an annual consolidated revenue of around $58.5 billion.

Auchan’s Vietnam partnered with TE-FOOD back in 2016. The success of their pilot project has prompted them to implement TE-FOOD’s solution in five other countries; France, Spain, Italy, Senegal, and Portugal, with France being the first.

More information on downloading and testing the app is explained in the following Tweet: