Since just launching AXEL.Network – its global decentralized and distributed platform, the AXEL team is working diligently to complete Phase I of its project, including a range of new features and services, such as AXEL Wallet, IPFS Storage Facility, IPFS Public Gateway and much more that will soon be available.

The team is excited to announce a Masternode pre-sale – seeking additional Tier 2 and Tier 3 Masternode operators to join AXEL.Network. Partner operators will receive daily rewards and other special incentives to run their Masternodes in service of the platform, in addition to all the benefits of joining a Masternode program early.

This is a great opportunity to be part of an established Masternode project developed by a reputable tech company and team with years of experience, millions of users worldwide, and multiple patents. AXEL is committed to the future of data custody, and through its transformative and disruptive technology aims to help power the next generation of decentralized and distributed solutions.

About Masternodes

Masternode technology serves to support the deployment and expansion of the decentralized blockchain network, and to serve as protectors of the ledger (blockchain) itself by carrying the blockchain information, writing new blocks to the chain, and maintaining the integrity and security of the blockchain network.

As Masternodes are operated by individual entities that are typically not associated with one another, it’s vital to come up with a mechanism that will establish trust between the nodes. Enter the consensus mechanism, which governs how the blockchain is updated and maintained between the nodes operating the AXEL.Network. To learn more about the pre-sale, please visit AXEL.Network.

About AXEL

AXEL is committed to providing users with true ownership over their data with dynamic, easy-to-use technology solutions for file sharing, access, security and privacy, transfer, streaming and integration, from one secure platform.

With operations in North America, Asia and Europe, the company’s veteran 100+ member team built a suite of proprietary software products already used by millions of people globally, with patented technology and a user-friendly app that works across Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The AXEL platform allows users to link digital content across all of their devices, without using a third-party.

For more information, visit AXEL or AXEL.Network and follow us on Discord, Twitter and Medium.

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