The results for the “Best Masternode Hosting Provider” on the 2020 Masternode Community Awards is out. We received entries from over 180 respondents in this category. In general, over 15 masternode hosting services got voted for at least once.

A quick rundown of the top entries include:

The masternode community believes that Allnodes provides the best masternode hosting service. Allnodes secured the first position with a total of 50 votes. A lot of respondents praised the service’s ease-of-use and customer support.

Allnodes is a non-custodial hosting and staking service which allows users to deploy full nodes, stake coins, and monitor their rewards and investment. The service uses dedicated bots to provide up-to-date information and news.

According to the team, the platform has managed over $68 million of masternode collateral, hosted over 6300 masternodes, and supports 17 major cryptocurrencies.

A Twitter user, @hiktwit said:

What would take a novice hours, only takes 1 minute with Allnodes. Plus they take care of all the daily maintenance and management hassles, make payments easy and price their service at such a competitive rate. It just doesn't make sense to host anywhere else!

POSMN was one of the top performers with 38 votes. POSMN is another service provider that allows its users to store their coins in their own wallets. The platform supports over 50 coins, has around 1,000 users, and claims to have hosted over 8,300 masternodes.

POSMN appears to be a fan favorite when it comes to cheap or rather affordable masternode hosting. A lot of respondents touted the platform’s price, as well as its fast customer support. One respondent with Twitter handle @WlanWernerWorld said:

They provide cheap and good working Masternode hosting. And for problems they respond fast on Telegram/discord and per mail

Truly, POSMN offers one of the most affordable hosting services. Its fees start at $0.55 per token, with discounts as users purchase more tokens. 1 token is equivalent to 1 month of hosting.

The third-best masternode hosting provider is Midas. Securing a third-place with 30 votes, Midas aims to become the complete masternode ecosystem; offering masternode analysis, earning opportunities, and a platform to buy and sell.

One of the exciting features of the Midas platform is its Zero fee option which is enabled by the MIDAS LOCK-IN program.

Midas appears to be pushing the frontiers of masternode hosting and provides a plethora of features for users to enjoy. Respondents highlighted a number of Midas features including Lock-in, Coin burn, Auto-reinvest, and Instant-buy.

A respondent with Twitter handle @deckard_xy said:

They are constantly looking for improvements and pioneer functions. They have started unique and successful features like Zero-fees/Lock-In and Burn-Out.

Other masternode hosting providers which ranked top (received a minimum of 10 votes) include DIVI, Simple POS Pool, and Flits.