This week (Jul 29 to Aug 5), the Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 42% and 4%. Although our top-10 masternodes recorded gains this week, last week’s performance was better on both the higher and lower percentiles. Last week, we witnessed a gain spread of 46% to 15%.


ALQO is this week’s best-performing masternode, recording a weekly gain of 42%. ZENZO and MalwareChain also made this week’s list as the first and second runners-up, respectively. While ZENZO recorded a 7-day gain of 30%, MalwareChain secured this week’s third place with a weekly gain of 19%.

Interestingly, MalwareChain moved from 6th place last week to third place this week. Congratulations to them for maintaining a spot on the top-10 list for 2 weeks in a row.

Other masternodes that made this week’s top-10 list include NIX, Zcoin, Horizen Securenode, SmartCash, Dash, DAPS Coin, and Syscoin.

In addition to MalwareChain, DAPS Coin is the second masternode to make an appearance from the previous weeks. DAPS Coin has remained on the top-10 list for 3 weeks in a row.