The year has begun on a very good note for our top masternodes. Along with the general cryptocurrency market, over 25 masternodes on the Masternode Stats page recorded gains over the last week. Data on the Stats page reveals a weekly gain spread of 103% to 31% from our top-10 masternodes.


Crypto Sports is the best-performing masternode for this week. The project recorded a weekly gain of 103%.

Block-Logic and Zenon also made the top-10 list as the first and second runners-up. While Block-Logic gained 74%, Zenon is sitting on the third place with a 7-day gain of 50%.

Meanwhile, other masternodes including Flits, Denarius, Aezora, Horizen Securenode, SmartCash, PHORE, and Wagerr also made this week’s top-10 masternode roundup.