Masternode coins have continued to pull their weight and record positive gains. For this week (Feb 27 to March 6), our Masternode Stats page shows gains between 1,154% and 46%. The overall gain spread for this week is higher than last week which was between 118% and 50%.

Wagerr is our best performing masternode for this week, with an approximate gain of 1,154%, however, this is most likely do to a pricing error on Wavercoin and Stakinglab hold the spots for 2nd and 3rdbest performing masternodes for this week. Wavercoin has gained 917% in the last week, while Stakinglab sits at 172%.

No masternode from last week made it to this week. The other top performing masternodes on our list for this week include Beetle Coin, Kore, LRMcoin, TransferCoin, ExclusiveCoin, Energi and Proelio.