This week (Mar 11 to Mar 18), we are seeing an even greater loss on our top-10 masternodes list. This may not be unconnected to novel coronavirus pandemic spreading across the globe. Several cities are on lockdown, with individuals preparing for the worst.

The Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 58% to 27%, and losses between 13% to 24%. For the first time this year, only two masternodes recorded gains this week.

Sapphire, which was the best-performing masternode for week 8, has gone back to reclaim its position. The masternode climbed from 8thplace last week, to 1st this week, securing its return with a weekly gain of 58%. Interestingly, Sapphire has also held a position on the top-10 list for 4 weeks in a row. Congratulations to them.

This week, we also have FYDcoin and SafeCapital as the 2nd and 3rd best-performing masternodes, respectively. Whilst FYDcoin gained 27% over the last 7 days, SafeCapital secured the 3rd spot with a loss of 13%. Both masternodes made it from the previous week. Congratulations to them for making the top-10 list for 2 weeks in a row.

Other masternodes on the top-10 list include Loki, PHORE, Wagerr, Polis, TELOS COIN, SINOVATE and Crown SN.  PHORE has been able to hold the lines for 4 weeks in a row, while Wagerr and TELOS COIN have been on the list for 2 weeks in a row.