This week (Mar 6 to Mar 13), our top 10 masternodes are showing gains between 103% and 27%. Beetle Coin which has moved from 4th position last week to 1st this week, making it the best performing masternode for week 11. Beetle Coin has gained approximately 104% in the last week. Congratulations to them for being on our top-10 list for two weeks in a row.

Interestingly, the Divi Project has made its comeback to our top-10. They made the list in weeks 9 and 3. Details on the Masternode Stats page shows that Divi is occupying the 2nd to 6th position. The list features Divi Platinum, Divi Copper, Divi Silver, Divi Gold and Divi Diamond in descending order. The average gain of Divi Project is 61%.

Other masternodes on the list include TransferCoin, Polis, Loki, and Energi. TransferCoin has maintained its 7th position from last week, while Energi has dropped one step to 10thposition. Nonetheless, congratulations to TransferCoin and Energi for making the list for two weeks in a row.