This week (Apr 10 to Apr 17), our Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 74% to 11%. This is lower than last week where the gain spread was between 578% to 37%. It appears the crypto market is finally starting to lose steam after a massive bull run.

There are a lot of new masternodes on our top-10 list this week. Only one masternode managed to enter our list from last week.

Scrypta is the best performing masternode for this week, having gained around 74%. Merebel is the first runner up with a weekly gain of approximately 40%, making it the second best performing masternode for this week. HighStakes Coin also made the list as the third best performing masternode with a 32% gain.

IAN Coin is back on our list. Two tiers of IAN Coin made the list in week 9, and earlier in week 5, the three tiers of IAN Coin held on to our 1st to 3rd positions. For this week, IAN Coin is holding on to our 4th to 6th positions. Congratulations to them for getting back on the top-10 list.

Other masternodes that made the list for this week include Golden Fever, EducationCoinOnline, Bulwark and SMM Coin.

Finally, for the most important or rather exciting part of this week’s best performing masternodes, EducationCoinOnline has done the unthinkable. They have become the first masternode to have made the top-10 list for 4 weeks in a row this year. Congratulations to them.