This week (Apr 29 to May 6), our top masternodes have continued to maintain their streak of greens. The Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 53% to 2%. Despite the solid performance of our top masternode coins this week, last week’s results were still better than this week on both the higher and lower percentile. Last week, we witnessed gains between 121% to 14%.


Flits is the best-performing masternode for this week, recording a weekly gain of 53%. and StakeCubeCoin also made this week’s top-10 list as the first and second runners-up. recorded a 7-day gain of 36%, while StakeCubeCoin secured the 3rd place with a weekly gain of 15%.

Once again, has proven that it is deserves a spot on the top-10 list. The masternode is making its 5thappearance in a row. Congratulations to them.

Other masternodes on this week’s top-10 list include PHORE, SmartCash, TELOS COIN, SINOVATE, Midas, NIX, and e-Sport Betting. PHORE and e-Sport Betting have stayed on the top-10 list for 2 weeks in a row.