This week (Jan 8 to Jan 15), the Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 163% to 13% for our top-10 masternodes. Following the precedent set last week, several masternodes are still sitting on gains. As at press time, 16 masternode coins were in the green zone.

GoByte is the best-performing masternode for this week, recording a 7-day gain of 163%. Dash and TradePlus made this week’s list as the first and second runners-up, gaining 119% and 69%, respectively. Congratulations to Dash for maintaining its 2ndposition from last week and remaining on the top-10 list for two weeks in a row.

Other masternode on this week’s list includes Zcoin, BitGreen, Wagerr, Horizen Securenode, SINOVATE, StakeNET, and NIX.

In addition to Dash, three other masternodes have retained a spot on the top-10 list for two weeks in a row. They are BitGreen, Wagerr, and SINOVATE.