For this week (Jul 3 to Jul 10), our Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 93% to 24%. The gains for this week are generally lower in comparison with last week, where we saw a gain spread between 153% to 29%.

ImageCoin is the best performing masternode for this week with a weekly gain of 93%. Sapphire, which was the best performing masternode last week, has moved to second place, gaining 76% over the week. Interestingly, Sapphire has been on our top-10 list for 3 weeks in a row. Congratulations to them.

ImageCash is the third best performing masternode for this week, having gained 61% over the week.

Other masternode coins that made the top-10 list for this week include CryptoVerification Coin, SnowGem, Divi Project, Golden Fever, Beetle Coin, Pirl and Bitcoin 2.

Pirl moved one step from the previous week. Congratulations to them for making the list for 2 weeks in a row.