For the third week in a row, this year, we have recorded gains on the top-10 weekly masternode roundup. This week (Jan 15 to Jan 22), the Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 94% to 9%. Although the top-10 masternodes for this week are sitting on gains, this week’s gain spread is lower than the previous week on both the higher and lower percentile. Last week we saw gains between 163% to 13%.

Blocknet is the best-performing masternode this week, recording a 7-day gain of 94%. Sapphire and Netbox Coin also made the list as the first and second runners-up, with weekly gains of 70% and 33%, respectively.

Other masternodes on this week’s list includes TELOS COIN, Bitgreen, Wagerr, Crown SN, TradePlus, Merebel, and StakeNet.

Congratulations to all the top-performers who have maintained a spot on the top-10 list for several weeks. While Bitgreen and Wagerr have stayed on the list for 3 weeks in a row, TradePlus will be appearing for a second time this year.