This week (Aug 28 to Sept 4), our Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 117% to 15%. The higher gain percentile for this week is lower than the previous week where we saw 196% from our best-performing masternode.

Rapids is the best-performing masternode for this week, gaining 117%. StakeCubeCoin and Beetle Coin also made the list this week and first and second runner-ups. While the former gained 51%, Bettle Coin has a weekly gain of 41%.

Other masternodes on the top-10 list include Stipend, PIRL, MasterCoreCoin, Divi Project, Polis, SIBCoin, and CryptoVerification Coin.

Divi Project is the only masternode that made the top-10 list from last week, making it one of the most frequent masternodes on the list. So far, Divi has stayed on the top-10 list for 6 weeks in a row.