Another all green top 10 for this week's (24 aug - 31 aug) update on Masternode Stats! This week we also have an important lesson on DYOR. As you can see, ProjectCoin reached an incredible second place position with over 1900% change. But after further inspection, it turns out that although ProjectCoin is running on a public exchange (a requirement for our stats page), there is only 1 masternode running and barely any volume on the exchange.

It turns out they've found a significant loophole to become the highest ranked masternode in our list. But not for long, as we might change our algorithm to work around this. However, even if we set a minimum on the number of masternodes (which could be easily increased by a developer) or have a bottom limit for the exchange volume (which could be faked by wash trading), being ranked high in our list should be only one of many factors to consider.

Congratulations to LogisCoin for being in the top 10 for the third week in a row! And congratulations to QYNO for being in the top 10 for the second week in a row.