Along with the general cryptocurrency market, this week has not been a great week for masternode coins. This week (Sept 18 to Sept 25), our Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 15% to 3% and losses between 3% to 11% on the top-10 list. Although there is no concrete reason for the flash crash, Tuesday, Sept 24 was a bad day for the crypto market, with major cryptocurrencies recording double-digit losses.

SnowGem is the best-performing masternode for this week, gaining 15%. Three other masternode coins are sitting on gains this week. They are Energi, BiblePay and Loki, gaining 14%, 5% and 3%, respectively.

Other masternodes on the top-10 list include PHORE, Netbox Coin, Horizen Securenode, SINOVATE, Leviathan, and PiRL.

Loki is the only masternode that made the list from the last week. Congratulations to Loki for maintaining a spot on our top-10 list for two weeks in a row.