This week (Oct 2 to Oct 9), our Masternode Stats page is showing gains between 32% to 7%. The gains for this week are lower than the previous week on both the lower and higher percentile. Last week, we saw gains between 44% to 9%.

StakeCubeCoin is the best-performing masternode this week, gaining 32% over the last seven days. PIVX and PHORE made the list as the first and second runner-up, gaining approximately 23% and 20%, respectively.

Other masternodes on the list include SmartCash, Swarm, Blocknet, SIBCoin, SysCoin, Netbox Coin, and Crown SN.

Only three masternode coins succeeded in making this week’s list from last week. Congratulations to PIVX, Swarm, and Netbox Coin from maintaining a spot on the top-10 list for two weeks in a row. PIVX moved two steps upward from 4th to 2nd position, displacing Swarm which dropped from 2nd position last week to 5th place this week. Netbox Coin also dropped one step down from 8th to 9thposition.