This week (Sept 23 to Sept 30), every masternode on the top-10 list recorded a gain. This is unlike the previous week where we witnessed a mixture of gains and losses. The Masternode Stats page is showing a gain spread of 81% to 7% this week.


Dynamic is this week’s best-performing masternode, securing the 1st position with a weekly gain of 81%.

Diamond and PHORE secured the 2ndand 3rd positions, respectively. While Diamond recorded a 7-day gain of 31%, PHORE gained 24% over the last 7 days. Furthermore, Diamond will be making its second appearance in a row on the weekly top-10 masternodes list.

Other masternodes on this week’s top-10 list include Eros, Syscoin, Zenon, Decentrahub Coin, MalwareChain, Loki, and SINOVATE.

Apart from Diamond, Decentrahub Coin is also making a second appearance in a row this week.