In comparison with last week, this week (16 Jan – 23 Jan) has been better for masternode coins, as the top 20 coins are in greens. The Masternode Stats top 10 show gains between 26% to 7%. This is an improvement from last week, where there was only one coin with a double-digit gain of approximately 19%. For this week, the top 8 masternode coins are experiencing double-digit gains.

SafeInsure was unable to hold onto their 1st position from last week. They moved to the 3rd position. Zio Coin is the best performing masternode for this week, with a weekly gain of approximately 27%. However, congratulations to SafeInsure for being in the top 10 for three weeks in a row.

Diamond and EtherZero are the two other projects to still remain on the list from last week. Diamond has dropped from 7th to 10th position, while EtherZero has moved upward by two steps – from 10th to 8th position.

Other masternode coins on our top 10 include Lindacoin, Blocknet, BitSend, Polis, ALQO and Zcoin.