Our Masternode Stats page shows gains between 42% to 2% this week (Oct 9 to Oct 16). The gains for this week are higher than the previous week on only the higher percentile. Last week we saw gains between 32% to 7%.

Dynamic is the best-performing masternode this week, gaining 42%. We have Crown SN and ION as the first and second runners-up. Crown SN gained 15%, while ION gained 12% in the last seven days. Congratulations to Crown for maintaining a spot on the top-10 list for 2 weeks in a row. Crown SN was in 10th place last week.

Other masternodes on the top-10 list include Swarm, Polis, SIBCOin, Wagerr, Midas, SINOVATE and Merebel. Swarm and SIBCoin also succeeded in making the list from last week. Swarm has been on the list for 3 weeks, while this week is the second appearance for SIBCoin.