This week (Feb 3 to Feb 10), all the masternodes on the top-10 list are sitting on gains. Data from the Masternode Stats page reveals a gain spread of 100% to 19%. Comparatively, this week’s performance is better than the previous week on both the higher and lower percentiles. The gains for last week were between 80% and 12%.


With a 7-day gain of 100%, SmartCash is this week’s best-performing masternode, ahead of Divi and ZCore. While Divi secured the second position with a gain of 63%, ZCore is next in line, boasting of a 35% gain over the past week.

Other masternodes on this week’s top-10 roundup include Zel, Horizen, Midas, Firo, Flits, Dash, and BitGreen.

While ZCore, Horizen, and Flits have remained on the top-10 list for 3 weeks in a row, Dash and BitGreen will be making their second weekly appearance. The Masternode Buzz team would like to congratulate all the top performers.