Just like last week, this week (23 Jan – 30 Jan) has been favorable to the top masternode coins. As at the time of reporting, 19 masternode coins were sitting in the green zone. The Masternode Stats top 10 shows gains between 186% to 8%. This is a remarkable improvement from last week, where the highest gain was 26%. Additionally, only one masternode coin – Birake, has a single-digit gain. The rest are in double and triple-digit gains.

Interestingly, none of the coins from last week made it to this week. Entirely new masternode coins are topping the list for this week. IAN Coin – Tiers 2,3, and 1 are the best performing masternodes for this week. Ties 2, 3, and 1 experienced a change of 186.13%, 155.12%, and 131.25%, respectively.

Other top performing masternodes (position 4 - 10) for this week include ION, Blacer Coin, NIX, PACcoin, ColossusXT, eBlockCoin, and Birake.