The Masternode Stats page is showing a streak of gains for our top-10 masternodes. The gain spread for this week (Dec 16 to Dec 23) is between 132% and 29%. In comparison with last week, this week’s performance is better on both the upper and lower percentiles.


Meanwhile, Trittium is this week’s best-performing masternode. Trittium secured the first place with a weekly gain of 132%.

Aezora and Bitgreen also made this week’s top-10 list as the first and second runners-up, respectively. While Aezora moved two steps upward to secure this week’s 2nd position with a 7-day gain of 98%, Bitgreen gained 72% over the week.

Other masternodes on this week’s top-10 roundup include Crown SN, Polis, Sapphire, SAFE DEAL, Decentrahub Coin, Denarius, and Jackpot.

Apart from Aezora that has stayed on the top-10 list for 5 weeks in a row, Polis, Sapphire, SAFE DEAL, and Jackpot will be making their second weekly appearance in a row. Congratulations to all our top performers.