Our top 10 masternodes are all in the green zone this week (30 Jan – 6 Feb). The Masternode Stats top 10 shows gains between 106% to 3%. This is slightly lower than last week where gains were between 186% to 8%.

IAN Coin which was the best performing masternode from last week could not hold on to any of the top 10 positions. Instead, Bulwark has managed to rise to become the best performing masternode for this week, with a weekly change of 106.40%.

Interestingly, we have entire new coins occupying the top 3 positions – Bulwark, Lindacoin and SafeInsure. None of these coins was in our top 10 from last week.

Blacer Coin climbed up the ladder by one step, moving from 5th to 4thposition. It has a weekly change of approximately 13%. Congratulations to them for being on out top 10 for 2 weeks in a row.

Other masternodes on our top 10 include Wagerr, Swarm, Vitae, Phore, StakeNet and New Power Coin.