The last one week has been remarkably positive for masternodes. Over 40 masternodes are all seeing green as at the time of reporting. Our top 10 masternodes for this week (6 Jan – 13 Jan) are showing gains between 100% and 31%. Check the Masternode Stats page for more details.

Birake is the best performing masternode for this week, with a gain of 100.66%. It is closely followed by ION and Smart Green which have gains of 94.15% and 80.64%, respectively.

SafeInsure has dropped from 3rd to 6th position. Nonetheless, congratulations to them for being on our top 10 for two weeks in a row. Blacer is the second coin that was in our top 10 last week. However, they have dropped from 4th to 10th position, with a positive gain from 13% last week to 31% this week.

Other coins on our top 10 masternode list include AirWire, SLATE, Beetle Coin, $TWINS, and Diamond.