Masternodes have continued in the general upward trend from last week. In general, about 40 masternode coins are sitting on gains. This week (13 Feb – 20 Feb), the Masternode Stats page shows gains between 346% and 19% for our top 10 masternodes.

CryptoInvest Coin is the best performing masternode for this week, with a gain of approximately 347%. However, if we look at the stats page of $CTT, we can see that this is probably due to a bug. $TWINS moved up the list from 8th position last week to 2ndthis week, with a weekly gain of 136.57%. Congratulations to them for being on our top 10 for 2 weeks in a row.

Beetle Coin is the second masternode from last week that still retains its ranks on our top-10 list. Beetle managed to move from 7th to 4th place, with a gain of 55.31% for this week. ION dropped from 2nd to 8th place, and now has a gain of 23.79%.

Other masternodes on our top-10 list include PAWS Coin, Altbet, LUXCORE, MonetaryUnit, SmartCash and SysCoin.