Hello masternode investors and Buzz enthusiasts, here’s our biweekly portfolio challenge update. Something exciting is happening this week and that is a ZIXX masternode giveaway to the winner of this bi-weekly portfolio challenge update, which spans from 1stto 15th January. The winner will be receiving 2 ZIXX masternodes provided by our friends from ZIXX and Masternodes.Online.

User @MatildaMatrix emerged winner, with a portfolio change of 291.26%. Pegasus (PEG), Yoke Chat (YOKE), Clean Solutions (CSN) and World Crypto Forum (WCF) are the masternode coins in her portfolio that lead her to victory. In the last two weeks, $WCF increased by 779.82%, $YOKE did 246.15% and $CSN did 151.52%.

Other top performers (in descending order) in the portfolio challenge include the following contestants: @Airdropshill, @cssymygrl1, @fhma28, @TheCryptoNurse, @awh1949, @Jagdfaust72, @AngelDe11444083, @PetSkog and @Arhey19

Masternode coins like Beacon (BECN), GINCoin (GIN), Midas (MIDAS), and Birake (BIR) appear to be the most favorite coins with investors. Each of these coins appeared at least 4 times in the portfolio of the top 10 competitors.

Talking about the best possible masternode combination, PrimeStone, World Crypto Forum and Proxynode would have been the most profitable mix at the moment.

Most profitable coins for this period.

It is worth noting that the percentage change of investments in the challenge is not calculated based on the initial and current values, but rather based on the average gain percentage per masternode.