User @Trittium_cc is topping the list for this week’s Biweekly Portfolio Challenge (Jan 15 – Jan 29). The coins in his portfolio include Trittium $TRTT, CryptoFlow $CFL, Altbet $ABET, and GINCoin $GIN. Collectively, his portfolio has increased by 13.27% in the last 2 weeks. Therefore we want to congratulate our main sponsor for reaching this top spot!

Top performers in our bi-weekly portfolio challenge.

@fhma28 is the first runner up, having a portfolio change of 4.40%. Altbet, GINCoin, and Beacon $BECN are the three masternode coins in his portfolio. @PoletinZurab is the second runner up and appears to have the most coins in his portfolio. He has a total of 10 masternodes in his investment arsenal and boasts of a change of 3.21%.

Altbet, GINCoin, LRMcoin, and eBlockCoin have the highest frequencies with regards to how often they appear in the portfolio of contestants. Each of the aforementioned masternodes appeared in the portfolio of 2 of the top 5 contestants.

Best Performing Masternodes for 15 - 29 January.

Investing in Ourcoin $OUR, CryptoDezireCash $CDZC, Azart $AZART, EPIC, and IAN Coin would have been the best possible masternode combinations between Jan 15 – Jan 29. $OUR has increased by over 1000% in the last 2 weeks. $CDZC, $AZART, EPIC, and $IAN-TIER2 have increased by approximately 413%, 311%, 193%, and 129%, respectively within the said timeframe.

Casting the net wider to accommodate Jan 1 to Jan 29, it becomes obvious that the portfolios of most masternode investors are in the red zone. As revealed in the screenshot below, only four contestants @Airdropshill, @fhma28, @Trittium_cc, and @Kelnel2 are sitting on profits. Their portfolios have increased by approximately 43%, 25%, 20%, and 1% in the last 29 days.

It is worth noting that these percentages can change in the twinkle of an eye, considering how volatile the crypto market is.

Top investors in the last 29 days.

The top 3 masternode coins and best mix to have had in your portfolio in the last 29 days would have been PrimeStone, Zio Coin, and Azart. PrimeStone has gone up by over 1300%, while Zio Coin and Azart are 343.71% and 329.76%, respectively.

Best Performing Masternodes for 1 - 29 January.