Cryptocurrency exchange, Birake is opening its door to listing a new digital asset at a 14-day interval via its Coin Listing Program. The new feature allows the fanbase of any cryptocurrency to vote for and thereafter list their coin on the exchange’s network. Every two weeks, one winning coin will be listed on the Birake Exchange Network, after the dev team of the coin must have completed their KYC requirements.

By voting, the community helps cryptocurrency grow, giving it exposure and liquidity. This kind of competition incites team spirit and engagement among coin communities as they join forces to achieve their goals.

In order to participate in the program, the coin or token needs to be submitted for listing on the Birake Network.

Subsequently, it will be added to the Coin Listing Program platform where community voting will take place. It is worth stating that as at press time, the platform is yet to go live.

Preview of the Birake Coin Listing Program Page

Only BIR holders and registered users on the exchange can participate in the voting process. What this means is that community members need to first register on the exchange and purchase some BIR coins in order to vote. 1 BIR is equivalent to 1 vote. There is also no maximum limit to the number of votes a user can make. However, once a vote has been cast, it cannot be cancelled.