Cryptocurrency exchange, Birake, has announced its ZeroFees program which allows users to trade on its exchange network without paying fees.

Traders will receive a 100% fees rebate on all trades once they do not exceed the maximum daily volume for each package.

The ZeroFees program has three packages to suit the needs of different users. The first package cost 1000 BIR and allows a minimum and maximum daily trade volume of 0.1 BTC and 1 BTC, respectively. The second package goes for 2,000 BIR and has a max daily volume of 2 BTC, while the third package costs 3,000 BIR and maxes out at 3 BTC. Each package features live tracking.

There are however some clauses on how the program functions. Irrespective of the package a user selects, fulfilling the daily volume is required to keep the package active. Users who fail to meet the minimum volume for 10 consecutive days will lose their packages. Additionally, ZeroFees covers only one account. Once the maximum volume is exceeded, users will be billed the current fee of 0.15% per trade.